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Reduce the look of hyperpigmentation, improve your skin’s texture, and more with Cosmelan and VI Peel.

There is no such thing as bad skin—only good skin waiting to be revealed. Whether you suffer from melasma, acne, or fine lines, to name a few, we have a skin treatment for you


There is no such thing as bad skin—only good skin waiting to be revealed. Whether you suffer from melasma, acne, or fine lines, to name a few, we have a skin peel for you.

Advanced cosmetic treatments such as medical-grade skin peels entail applying a solution to the skin in order to exfoliate and rejuvenate it. These peels use higher concentrations of active ingredients than over-the-counter peels, allowing for more effective removal of dead skin cells, improving skin texture, reducing signs of aging, and addressing specific skin concerns.
At Skin Haven, we offer Cosmelan® and VI Peel®.

(Bonus: these services can help maintain your injectable treatment results!)

Here is a general overview of how medical-grade chemical peels work for the following common skin conditions:

  • Melasma and vitiligo: For these pigmentation conditions, chemical peels eliminate unwanted pigment in the skin cells, allowing unaffected cells to take their place and improve the overall appearance.
  • Sun damage and age spots: Chemical peels help remove damaged skin layers, resulting in a more even skin tone.
  • Fine lines, especially smaller ones, can benefit from chemical peels that help smooth the skin’s surface and reduce their visibility, promoting a youthful look.
  • Acne: Chemical peels can effectively unclog pores by eliminating dirt and acne-causing bacteria. They can also address pigmentation changes resulting from inflammation caused by acne breakouts. Deeper peels may even assist in treating certain types of acne scars.

Genetics, pregnancy, sun exposure—oh my! These are some of the many factors that can cause skin discoloration, hyperpigmentation, and melasma (a.k.a. those pesky brown spots that can show up on the face).

Thankfully, the medical-grade Cosmelan mask is here. Cosmelan is the leading worldwide depigmentation method with a unique and dual action for short- and long-term results with maximum efficacy and safety.

This medical-grade peel dramatically reduces existing spots and improves skin texture, penetrating the skin’s deeper layers to correct pigmentation overproduction and prevent spots from reappearing.

Your treatment will include four easy steps:

  • Step 1: The Cosmelan 1 mask is applied in the clinic and left on for an amount of time determined by your practitioner, usually 8-12 hours. This produces the removal of the melanin deposits in the skin, as well as its renewal.
  • Step 2: The Cosmelan 2 cream is applied at home to remove and reduce spots of melanic origin
  • Step 3: Melan recovery balm is applied at home, offering a calming and healing effect
  • Step 4: Melan 130 pigment control should be used daily for very high SPF protection and color


With this protocol, pigmentation on the surface of the skin can be reduced by up to 95% within 30 days. Continued improvements can be seen over time with the use of the Cosmelan 2 cream.

If you’re concerned about melasma, post-acne hyperpigmentation, or sun damage, consider the “next generation” VI Peel. It’s gentle yet powerful—you can expect to see results within about seven days.

Unlike traditional methods that remove skin, this peel addresses skin concerns at a cellular level using a unique blend of ingredients. It effectively combats pigmentation with a Lighten Booster and a fast-acting Brighten Booster. It suppresses melanogenesis, promotes cell turnover for improved skin tone, and minimizes fine lines and acne.

VI Peel is safe and effective for every skin type and color and suitable for use in all areas of the body, including the face, neck, chest, arms, back, and legs. Also noteworthy: it’s the only peel safe for the under-eye area!

The treatment starts with cleansing your skin, and then the solution is administered evenly in two phases: first, to penetrate the skin cells on the skin’s surface, and second, to go deeper into the dermis, targeting toxins and dead skin cells. The solution dries quickly, but you must wait five hours before washing it off.

The VI Peel treatment takes 20-45 minutes, depending on the treatment area. Your skin will begin peeling in 2-3 days and continue for up to six days. You can expect mild flaking and for your skin to look slightly sunburned.

While noticeable improvements are visible after the initial peel, regular use every three months is advised for optimal benefits and as a preventative measure against aging.

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